How We Help


The West Michigan Friendship Center offers practical help for your new life here and hope for a better future. We know our community and we want to know you! Because of the generosity of others, everything we offer is free. And because we respect the right of each individual to decide their own religious beliefs, we provide these services without regard to your religious preferences.

We offer help in three ways:

· Community. The Center is a place to connect with those from your culture and from American friends who care. Come in and relax! Use our computers, have English conversations, play games, get answers to questions, bring your family to a safe place, join us for community meals. Check the Calendar for times and events.

· Classes. We offer various classes and seminars on topics that will help you succeed in your new home: cultural orientation, conversational English, and much more. Check the Calendar for the schedule.

· Resources. We cannot provide everything but we can help you find other resources, and we do offer many things! You can qualify for items in the Center Store. You can find people who will help you with specific questions.

We are also a Center for hope. We will help you belong and succeed in West Michigan, to find a better future. We are a safe place for families and children. We care about you!